Friday, November 10, 2006

They Are Dropping Like Flies

And they seem to be doing it pretty quickly in Waco these days. Yet more establishments have demised in the last two weeks. Two Mr. Gatti’s, and Vito’s shut their doors.

Probably the biggest surprise was the closing of Beef O’Brady’s. O’Brady’s was the below average sports bar with an above average core of loyal followers. The Irish cousins reacted with fire and brimstone when the initial review of BO’B in the Waco trib was less than wonderful. For a week or so, they filled the editorial page with indignant letters questioning the fairness and accuracy of the review. Some may say it was just a coincidence but that was one of the last restaurant reviews to appear in the Trib.

Now it seems that the people have spoken. I guess the loyal base was just not broad enough.