Sunday, May 18, 2008

They Come and They Go

Is there such a thing as too much Barbecue in Waco? Is the closing of the Rib Crib proof of this? The demise of the Rib Crib following Smokey Bones and Tony Roma's could be evidence that there is no room for another barbecue based restaurant in our town.

I have eaten at the Rib Crib both here in Waco and in other cities. I have to say that this franchise did a very poor job both in service and in food quality. I felt that the portions were smaller and the ambiance was missing from this version of a fairly good barbecue franchise. Both the wait staff and the management seemed confused as to how to greet and seat customers.

I continued to see cars in the parking lot for several months after I stopped eating at the Rib Crib. But in the end they were not able to build a large enough base to survive. I must admit that when dining out with more than two or three family members, I chose the dollar value of Dickey's over Rib Crib.

Will another barbecue franchise try to make a stand here in Waco? I am not confident that any others will be opening in the near future. Only a Spring Creek or perhaps a Shady Grove would stand much of a chance.