Monday, September 06, 2010

Waco Eats News

Your sources of restaurant news will soon be diminished as the Waco Trib becomes a pay site this month. Not that they had too much restaurant news anyway. A few years ago they published a negative restaurant review about a place that had many loyal customers. These customers disagreed loud and long and probably threatened to not advertise. So no more reviews - just something called Nibbles that is like reprinting the telephone book.

The real restaurant news is in the Trib's Business Section. They tell you what is coming even if they don't tell you if it is good.

If you haven't noticed, there is a new Heitmiller's Steakhouse being built on I-35 near the Lakeshore Drive exit. There are almost as many Heitmiller's around Waco as Japanese steakhouses.

The Heitmiller's Family Steakhouse in Elm Mott is still there but is going to be removed when I-35 is expanded. This Heitmiller's was owned by K. K. and Donna Heitmiller until Jay Hinojosa bought the restaurant in 2007.

After operating his family's steakhouse for almost 20 years, Dale Heitmiller (recently deceased) opened his Original Outlaw Steakhouse & Saloon in 2008 in Hubbard, Texas.

This new Heitmiller's will be a great opportunity to upgrade the restaurant atmosphere, service and food making it the landmark restaurant it could be.

Another Japanese Steakhouse!

Waco now holds the record for most Japanese Steakhouses for a town of less that 150,000 located on the Brazos River. This unique honor is just what makes our town such a special place to live.

1. Shogun Japanese Restaurant
2. Fuji Steakhouse and Sushi Bar
3. Samurai Japanese Steakhouse
4. That Place Where Friday's Used to Be

And we have Teriyaki Park, although it is not really a steakhouse and the waiters can't juggle.

I actually enjoy this type of restaurant. I even visited Japan once to find out what this food was all about. They are generally a bit overpriced but are a great place to take the family for a special occasion with entertainment. Younger kids are easily fascinated by the hibachi cooking and older kids behave because of the knives.