Friday, December 16, 2011

Tres Time Is a Charm

The new Tres Restaurant at 723 S. 6th Street in Waco is the third attempt at success in this location. Basabaru was followed by the Z-Bar and Grille before Tres made its debut. Not since Tapatio was open on Austin Avenue has there been Mexican food this good in the downtown area.

The owners trace its lineage to the Tres Hermanos restaurant in Whitney that was destroyed by fire in February, 2011. Tres was opened while the Whitney location was rebuilt (It has reopened). Tres is owned by members of the Camacho and Ramirez Families that are related to the owners of the Whitney restaurant.

Tres served inexpensive Tex-Mex cuisine that is tasty and filling. Nothing is too fancy here but the portions are generous and the service caring. My favorite is their chile relleno. The large pepper is stuffed with several different ingredients and fried in a (guessing) batter of mainly egg white. It comes out crispy but soft and spongy on the inside. The enchiladas are large and filled with, cheese, beef, or chicken. Two of these with rice and beans are very filling. The fajitas were excellent as well. Beef or chicken at a very reasonable price. Watch the outside signboard for the daily specials.

The salsa at Tres is served in small pitchers with individual bowls for each guest. The chips are nothing special but the flour and corn tortillas are adequate. They now have a liquor license but after tasting the margaritas I would advise sticking to beer.