Thursday, November 25, 2010

Redos That Do Not

My recent trip to Tommy B's on Valley Mills and Bubba's on Hewitt Drive produced similar results. We now have two places that make only average greasy burgers but can produce a pretty good breakfast. Tommy's is a bit nicer. The redo of whatever previous restaurant occupied that space is a bit classier. This version of Bubba's seemed cramped in the former Quizno's. Focus on the breakfast offerings at each and you will get some value for the dollar. I was told that they were better that the Zeb's across the street but that is not the case.

The new Heitmiller's is now open in Lacy-Lakeview. Like the previous location, it is next to I-35. The crowds have produced some long lines and a good amount of wait time for a table. Maybe new ownership and a clean new start will restore some quality to this decaying giant.


After watching the renovation for months, A Cancun Mexican Restaurant opened in the former El Colorado space at 23rd and Waco Drive. I had sampled some of their food at a recent festival and found it worth a visit. Is it the best Mexican in Waco? No but it is an interesting lunch or dinner choice and a bit different than some others. Large plates! OK rice and well flavored beans were filling. I thought the shrimp cocktail was a good value. I will visit here again.


The new George's is now open on Hewitt Drive. While I am not a fan of George's, I will check out the new location as soon as the initial rush slows down.

The 4th Japanese steakhouse in Waco - Tokyo - is still not open. Considerable work is being done on the old TGIFriday's location.

Ground has been moved at a prime location near Panera. Could this be a new restaurant in Texas Central Marketplace?