Monday, September 14, 2009

Nutty Not Nice

What if we had a bakery/restaurant in Waco that baked and sold fresh loves of bread each day?! What if we had a lunch stop in Waco that had great sandwiches, soups, and salads for lunch! What if we had a comfortable breakfast place that made great pastries?!?! What if we had a great place to meet and have cup of coffee/tea/cocoa with good atmosphere and good service?!!!! What would we call it? Probably not Colin Street Bakery.

As much as I want to like this import from just up the road in Corsicana, I just can't get past the wacky service, confusing layout, and the below average but expensive soups and sandwiches. With a bit of work and reorganization, CSB might be able to win me over but this looks like an expensive place to operate.

I have made four visits here (both breakfast and lunch) with the hope that CSB would get its act together. "C" is the best grade I have been able to give them so far. It is not from a lack of trying. They have a large number of staff who greet each guest and try to make you feel welcome. Unfortunately they have problems ringing up sales, finding an open register, and answering questions about some of the products.

The building itself is very nice. Comfortable chairs, video menus (which don't really go with the decor) and lovely displays of fruitcakes. You do feel comfortable in CSB. A smaller private room would be great for lunch meetings but suffers from solar gain.

I have had two different sandwiches at CSB- both were on the dry side. Ham with cheese and chicken salad were both over $5. Why can't you just make them fresh instead of wrapping them in plastic? Do you want me to think they came out of a vending machine? Arrived in a chef wagon?

I have tried two soups. One was an awful vegetable. Thin, watery, and without flavor. The cream soups have more body and flavor but are nothing special. I was expecting so much better from people who have a great reputation for baking and selling food.

My breakfast venture was a better experience. The sausage biscuit was very good. Two made a nice meal and at a better price/value. Not much of a crowd in the morning, so things were very comfortable.

Some one should tell the CSB management that Dr Pepper is a Waco drink. Can we have Diet Dr Pepper on the fountain???

Actually we have a couple of restaurants in Waco that bake and serve soup, salad, and sandwiches. Panera and Jason's both do a good job but wouldn't it have been nice to have your fruitcake and eat it to?