Monday, October 12, 2015

Twisted Root in Waco

I waited a week to visit the new Twisted Root.  I have previously eaten at a TRoot in Dallas. Happy to see this or any new real restaurant come to Waco but my first experience was a disappointment.  Our party of 2 entered at about 1:10 PM and waited in a short line to place an order.  We ordered after 10 minutes and found a table to wait for our assigned name to be called.  You get a slip of paper with a celebrity name on it.  Michael Jackson!!!!

The tall ceiling building is a large open space that was formerly a theater. A large bar dominates the center of the room with various types of seating all around.  The interior is mostly concrete with several large projection TVs showing both live sports and taped music videos.  This is probably great for an evening at a bar but is a bit loud for a casual lunch.  Conversation was difficult.

About 20 minutes later, our two burgers were ready for pickup.  The meat was a little over cooked and dry.  I had bacon, tomatoes, a nice smear of goat cheese and a bit of chipotle on mine.  The side of onion rings were OK.

Plenty of nice condiments on the table although our ketchup was empty.  I quickly tried to swap with another empty table and scored on my third try.  For a $25 lunch, it would have been nice to eat on something other than a paper tray. We invested almost a full hour inside Twisted Root not counting the drive too and from.  Although it was not that crowded, the wait was a bit too long for a one hour lunch.

I took a look at their fountain and found Huh? Mr. Pibb.  This is Waco, Texas the home of a world famous soft drink beloved by a large % of the population. I can't imagine why. Surely this was some kind of oversight.  A clever sales ploy by the Coke supplier?  A product offered at a substantial discount?  A ISIS plot?  This needs to change before my next visit.

In short: Burgers OK; Sides OK; Service too slow; Atmosphere aggressive; Non Alcohol selection embarrassing!