Monday, January 08, 2007

$135 is Prime

I have been watching the progress of the new steakhouse One Thirty Five Prime in Westrock Center on Hewitt Dr. I observed a couple of private parties on site over the holidays. I have checked out their menu on the Internet. It has changed some since I took a peek at last fall. Most of the entrees include a salad. The chicken and fish enrees also get a side. The menu has a lot of cute names and some interesting sounding dishes. No prices are listed on the Internet. Will it make it? Is it too expensive for Waco? Only time will tell.

I have eaten lunch at Double Dave's Pizzaworks recently. There lunch buffett is a good value. My pizza, salad, and drink came in at $7.00 even. Not bad considering that the pizza was very good with lots of toppings. Everytime they bring out a new pizza they announce it by yelling out the toppings. They even have some dessert pizza. It is a bit noisy for conversation but I will definately go back for another visit. They are located near Academy and the new Gold's Gym.