Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It Is About The Fries

I am glad the holidays are behind us. Too much home cooking and not enough restaurant visits. I did get to make my second trip to Zeb's Backyard Grill. I now feel comfortable recommending Zeb's to anyone in the area looking for a good burger and fresh french fries. Zeb's is probably the best of the new food spots that have appeared on the road to China Spring. Zeb's can stand toe-to-toe with just about any burger place in the Central Texas area.

Starting with a nice selection of basic burgers and moving to a group of more sophisticated group of toppings, Zeb's seems to get it right each time. I have yet to try the Wambo - a featured offering of pepper jack cheese, jalapeno bun, and jalapenos but it looks outstanding. I have had the Double Time and the Chili Cheese. They were both excellently prepared. For the less ambitious, the Ol' Fashion, Cheeseburger, and Bacon Cheese are sound selections.

Zeb's also has a nice selections of salads including an Apple Walnut Chicken and a Buffalo Chicken that my accompanying friends enjoyed. I think that is why I have not tried the Wambo. I would probably feel self conscious being surrounded by salad munchers. I guess I need a better class of lunch partners.

If anything make Zeb's a standout choice, it would have to be the wonderful fresh cut french fries. They are as good as they get. To me, if you intend to be taken seriously in the burger-barbecue world, you won't serve frozen potatoes. Owner Zeb Hering must agree because he does it right.

Zeb’s Backyard Grill

10207 China Spring Road

They are closed on Sundays