Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Summer News is Mostly Mexican

Well of course there has been some news about Waco restaurants this summer. I have been eating in other pastures during the last two months.

Locally, I visited the newish location of Trevino's in China Spring. It is a nice spot and still a reliable choice in Mexican food. I liked their food when they were in the Hewitt area. I seemed even a little better in this location. Good enchiladas and fajitas. Give it a try.

Mi Tequila on Valley Mills was a no frills lunch spot that offered a limited menu, quick service, and cheap prices. As a lunch stop, it is OK if you are hungry or in the area. It won't crack my top five but it will do for lunch.

What might effect the Top Five Mexican choices is the arrival of Chuy's. Construction is underway in Legends Crossing on Highway 6. The Original Chuy’s is on Barton Springs Rd. in Austin. Owners Mike Young and John Zapp opened it in 1982. The place was decorated with balck velvet paintings of Stevie Wonder and Elvis on a budget of about $20. They now have 14 locations. There arrival will have some impact on the local food scene. Will in be like Cheddar's? Probably not in this economy but it should be popular.