Thursday, November 05, 2015


Zoës Kitchen recently opened in Waco.  On the advice of friends, I was there on opening day and have returned once since.  The food I ordered at lunch came quickly and seemed fresh and tasty.  Zoës is a fast casual (aren't they all!) restaurant that serves a very Americanized Mediterranean dishes.  They claim to serve up Southern hospitality but the girl at the register said that was an up-sell.  I enjoyed the selections I made.  The Orzo Salad and the chicken breast were both very good.  You may have trouble staying under $10 but that is the price you pay for  fresh, wholesome, dishes. This place seems to be attracting a lot of student business.  It is something different that for Waco and that is a good thing.

If you like the Mediterranean flavors, 1924 Restaurant could be a good one to try or D's Mediterranean has some great kebabs and hummus. 

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