Wednesday, February 15, 2017

711 N, Robinson Dr., Robinson, TX
  (903) 388-6035
  I visited them about two months ago shortly after the opened their new location.  I am giving them 4 stars because the food was good and they show potential to really grow and improve. I will visit again soon to see how they are doing.  Their new permanent location is bright, clean and roomy.  They can seat a decent amount of customers so if the popularity increases they should be able to serve large crowds.

Customers order from a menu posted on the wall near a window.  They call your number and you pick it up at the service counter.  My order came quickly.Currently the menu is limited to boiled shrimp, crab and lobster tails.  Crawfish will be a seasonal addition.

A small number of sides are available including corn on the cob and buttery boiled potatoes. The manager brought around some sautéed mushrooms that were tasty.  Rice, slaw and gumbo would be welcome additions.

The quality of the food was good. The shrimp boil has some spice.  Crab and lobster seemed fresh - not frozen. I got the feeling they were being careful not to do to much until they are ready. Probably a smart move.

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